Danube Soya Association

Danube Soya East West Protein Forum 

The growing importance of GMO-free, regional and sustainable products increase the demand for certified sustainable soya. Danube Soya is part of a European Soya Supply, this and many other topics will be discussed in Berlin. Be part of this new development and find new partners at the Danube Soya East-West Protein Forum in Berlin.


8.00 Registration and Welcome

Moderation: Dr. Helmut Gaugitsch

9.00 Growing Availability of Sustainable and GMO-free Soya

Opening Speech: Matthias Krön, Chairman Danube Soya

9:20    Protein Policy in Europe, Donal Murphy Bokern,

9:30    Regional Soya: A Report from Italy, Giorgio Della Bona, Cereal Docks,

9:40    Soya Cultivation and its Potential in the Ukraine, Inna Meteleva, Svarog West Group,

9:50    Business Relation Danube Soya, Rudolf Bühler, BESH,

10:00 International Supply of Sustainable Soy, Jochen Koester, ProTerra Foundation & AgroTrace

10:10 Q & A         

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Panel Discussion: How We Will Manage the Protein Transition


Matthias Krön, Danube Soya Organisation

Rainer Dullweber, Best3

Dr. Birgit Wilhelm, WWF Germany

Gerhard Aigner, Geflügelhof Aigner KG

Dr. Ludger Breloh, REWE GROUP

Alexander Hissting, VLOG

Caspar von der Crone, KAT

12.30 Lunch & Business to Business Networking at the Exhibition

14.30 Exhibition and Parallel Workshops Afternoon

16.00 – 16.30       Coffee Break

Selection of Workshops

             I.         Danube Soya – Countries and Regions and their Contribution to European Protein Markets and Workshop by the Bavarian Agriculture Ministry  (Room Bordeaux I)


a) Danube Soya Countries and Regions

Moderator: Dr. Helmut Gaugitsch

14:30 The Potential of Cultivation, Transport and Processing Danube Soya, Stephan Dorfmeister, Danube Soya

14:45 Country Report Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania, Dragos Dima, Danube Soya

15:00 Country Reports Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Marija Kalentic, Danube Soya

15:15 Country Report Poland, Przemysław Gawlas, Danube Soya

15:30 Country Report Hungary, Zsuzsanna Ujj, Ministry of Rural Development Hungary

15:45 Breeding and seed production of GMO free soyabeans in Northern Europe by the example of Eurosivo Ltd., Anton Monich, Eurosivo Ltd

16.30 – 18.30

b)  Domestic and Non-GM Soy - What are challenges for the design of sustainable value chains? organized by the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL)

                                                                                                                                       Moderator: Christian Stockinger

16:30 Welcome and short Introduction: Christian Stockinger, LfL

16:40 Domestic and non GM Feeding from a Consumers Perspective – Results of a Survey: Anne Jäger, LfL

16:55 Provision of non GM feed - a Challenge for the Feed Industry: Dr. Hermann-Josef Baaken, Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e.V.

17:10 Between Sourcing and Supply - Insights into the Product Policy of a Dairy Company: Georg Müller, Privatmolkerei Bechtel

17:25 Positioning of a "GM-free" Standard in Retail Markets, Representative from a Retail Market (tbc)

17:40 Panel Discussion: GM free Soy in Value Chains– where are Opportunities, where are the Challenges? (Speakers and Questions from the Audience)


          II.         Praxisseminar: Gentechnikfreie und nachhaltige Sojafütterung in Deutschland: Duale Futtermittelwerke in der Praxis (Room Burgund I )

Moderator: Susanne Fromwald

14:30 – 16:00

14:30 Eröffnung Matthias Krön, Donau Soja

14:45 Anforderungen an die Auslobung «Ohne Gentechnik », Alexander Hissting, VLOG

15:05 Worauf ist bereits  bei der Beschaffung zu achten?, Ernst Gauhs,  RWA - Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG

15:25 Gentechnikfreie Produktion, welche Kontaminationsgefahren sind hierbei zu berücksichtigen? Josef Ritt, Agentur Ritt

16:30 – 18:30

16:30 How to avoid contamination in feed mills, Augusto Freire, Cert ID (English translated to German)

16:55 GVO Analyse-Methoden – Theorie und Praxis, Dr. Konstantin Rizos, Genetic ID

17:15 Was sind die grössten Herausforderungen, mit welchen Mehrkosten ist zu rechnen? Dr. Klaus-Dietrich Neumann, Forschungsinstitut Futtermitteltechnik der IFF

17:45 Diskussion von Lösungsansätzen bei den identifizierten Hürden

       III.         Protein-Rich Vegetarian Food & Sustainable Animal Products- Trends and Perspectives, English (Room Burgund II)

Moderator: Ursula Bittner

14:30 – 16:00

14:30 Soya for food – part of a European Protein Strategy, Ursula Bittner, Austrian Soya and Danube Soya Association;

15:00 Resource Effects of Dietary Patterns, Dr. Donal Murphy-Bokern,

15:30 Health Aspects of Soya Foods - for Vegetarians, Vegans and beyond; Dr. Markus Keller

16.30 – 18.30

16.30 Is our Future plant-based, Sebastian Zösch, Vegetarierbund Deutschland

16.50 The Development of Organic Soya Production and its value chain in Europe, Amos Ramsauer, Bioland Markt GmbH & Co KG

17.10 New Vegetable Proteins Sources: Where do we go from here? Gerard Klein Essink, Director bridge to Food

17:30 Discussion 


         IV.         Danube Soya Innovation and Research: Current Status and Future Plans. English  (Bordeaux II)

Moderator: Dr. Volker Hahn


14:30  Welcome & Introduction, Dr. Volker Hahn, University of Hohenheim

14:40  Tracing the geographical Origin of Soya Beans: A global stable Isotope Database. Preliminary Results from the intra-European and international Level, David Psomiadis, Imprint Analytics

15:00  Weed and Disease Problems in Soya Bean, Tomislav Duvnjak, Agriculture Institute Osijek

15:20  European Research on Legume based Cropping Systems, Christine Watson, SRUC/SLU

15:40  Research and Innovation for organic Protein Production in Europe, Eric Gall, IFOAM

16.30 – 18.30

16:30  Megaenvironmental Trial, Alena Pfeiffer, University of Hohenheim

16:50  Danube Soya Scientific Board News, Dr. Donal Murphy-Bokern

17:00  Discussion: Danube Soya Research Program, all participants

17:50  Conclusions Dr. Volker Hahn, University of Hohenheim

18:00  End of the workshop

 19.00 Evening Reception in the Austrian Embassy with sowing Soya. 

Opening Addresses from Dr. Nikolaus Marschik, Austrian Ambassador to Germany, Max Hiegelsberger, Regional Ministry for Agriculture Upper Austria, Horst Becker, Parliamentary State Secretary Ministry of Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation, and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia President of the European GMO-Free Regions Network and Matthias Krön, President Danube Soya.

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